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    December 14, 2018
    Bao Xuwei (R2) href="">Old Skool Shoes , an
    education bureau official of Taishun county of east China's Zhejiang province,
    is carried by two insurance company employees while walking through a muddy
    puddle during the Typhon Meranti disaster relief in the county on Friday,
    September 16, 2016. Photo: Wenzhou Metropolis Daily

    A Zhejiang province official was dismissed due to online accusations around a
    photo, Wenzhou Metropolis Daily reported.

    The photo shows the official being carried by two insurance company employees
    while walking through a muddy puddle during the Typhon Meranti disaster relief
    in Taishun county of east China's Zhejiang province on Friday. After being
    recognized as Bao Xuwei, a county education bureau official title="Old Skool Flames" href="">Old Skool
    , the photo was widely republished and shared online. In no
    time, netizens began to question why he used the insurance company employees to
    avoid the puddle and accused him of abusing his power.

    From the public outrage over the photo, the bureau announced on Friday they
    were conducting an investigation into the matter and had dismissed Bao
    immediately from office.

    Bao claims he was wrongly accused. Directly after a meeting he visited the
    disaster affected area and was not wearing water-proof shoes. After he attempted
    to cross the puddle, the two insurance company employees came to help him. It
    was only a few seconds, he said.

    The two insurance company employees also confirmed they were just helping Bao
    cross over, and Bao was just one of others they helped.

    Hu Liming href="">Old Skool Platform , who took
    the photo, said he saw the insurance company employees helping people wanting to
    cross the muddy road. He wanted to show people helping each other during the
    disaster. He did not expect his photo to cause such a misunderstanding. Hu
    apologized for the accusations that followed the photo.

    In the last few years, a number of officials have been found guilty of
    bribery and dismissed from photos posted online. In 2012, Yang Dacai, the
    incumbent head of Shaanxi Province work safety administration, was photographed
    grinning at scene of a grim bus crash. After seeing the photo title="Old Skool Mens" href="">Old Skool
    , netizens accused and searched for vilifying evidence of
    Yang. Photos appeared online of Yang wearing luxury wristwatches, items he could
    not possibly afford on a public servant's salary. He was dismissed from his
    position on corruption charges and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

    A total of 58 people died and 175 others went missing due to
    rainstorm-triggered floods and a landslide last week in southwest China's
    Sichuan Province, the local government said Tuesday.

    Among the death toll, a major landslide which hit a village in Dujiangyan
    City Wednesday left 44 people dead and 117 missing according to preliminary
    investigations, said Tan Xiaoping, a senior official of the Sichuan Flood
    Prevention and Drought Relief Headquarters.

    From July 7 to 12 href="">Old Skool Womens , rainstorms
    hit 43 counties in Sichuan, with accumulated precipitations of 400 mm to 800 mm
    in Deyang and Dujiangyan, and 800 mm to 1,151 mm in some areas of the two
    cities, said Ma Li, deputy head of the Sichuan Provincial Meteorological

    Some 13 href="">Old Skool ,400 houses
    collapsed, 3.47 million people were affected and 300,000 people were relocated
    because of the downpours.

    As of 4 p.m. Monday, the disasters had caused direct economic losses of 20.2
    billion yuan (3.28 billion U.S. dollars), said Tan.

    The provincial and local governments have earmarked a total of 230 million
    yuan for disaster relief and sent some 4,000 tents title="Cheap Vans Old Skool" href="">Cheap Vans
    Old Skool
    , 30,000 quilts, as well as clothes and food to the
    affected areas.

    The province will see a new round of heavy rainfall in its western areas from
    Tuesday night to Thursday with precipitation of more than 300 mm, according to
    the provincial meteorological administration.

    The administration has warned that there may be more natural disasters such
    as landslides, mud-rock flows and floods.

    On Tuesday, workers began to remove a dangerous barrier lake formed after a
    landslide and continuous rainfall href="">Vans Old Skool Sale , which
    threatens residents downstream in seven townships in Hanyuan County in Sichuan.

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