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  • October 21, 2019
    Dear ����: How are you doing recently? Congratulations on becoming a middle school student, you must work hard! Shenyang is cold in winter, pay attention to the body..." Hand holding the letters sent from Japan and watching the line familiar Handwriting, my mind flashed a figure of a Japanese middle-aged woman, plain dress, natural hairstyle, elegant dress. She is the mother of my Japanese friend. During the summer vacation four years ago, I lived in her home when I went to Japan to participate in family accommodation activities, so I also called her "mother" as kindly as Chunzi. She is a typical housewife and does not work outside. Because of my arrival, she has been studying Chinese for a few months, bought a lot of books, and specially prepared a large notebook with the Japanese-Chinese comparison of various everyday expressions Newport Cigarettes. Reading, it is much more convenient to talk to me. Among the few relatives of the pure son, the one that cares and takes care of me most is "mother." Every week, she took me to a Chinese restaurant to taste the delicacies of her hometown. She also personally learned how to make a few Chinese dishes. Whenever I did something wrong or did not understand, she was patiently pointing. Even if I dropped a deciduous tooth, she carefully used the transparent glue to fix it on the cardboard, wrote down the date..., everything was so meticulous that I remembered it once, and I was left with two scars by the watchdog. The "mother" who heard the sound immediately sent me to the hospital. At that time, I was so painful that I wanted to cry, but I saw her loving eyes hold back. In order to make me forget the pain, in the afternoon she took me to the park to play, and went to the restaurant to taste the Japanese food. In the evening, she wrote a page of apologies in my sixteen-day diary, beginning with the "I'm sorry" in both Japanese and Chinese. Later, she reminded me to take medicine on time every day, and many things that should have been done by myself have been wrapped up. My injury quickly recovered. Several translators have complained to me that Sakamoto's dog has been vaccinated, so the Japanese have been bitten by the dog and they don't care, and the "mother" cares about me. A month's time is short, and it's a moment to go to a separate moment. On the day of leaving, ��Mom�� got up in the early hours of the morning and prepared everything, and the night before, she packed the baggage for me until late at night. "Mom" and Chunzi sent me from Toyohashi to Osaka Port. On the dock, there were a lot of people who were off the line. Everyone reluctantly bid farewell to them and they all cried into tears Cigarettes For Sale. "Mom" stared at me and said, "You have become a member of our family. I must come again!" I want to answer, but I can't say a word, and nodded silently. She took me more. Tightly on the deck, we held the end of the ribbon and threw the other hand to the Japanese friend under the boat. I and the "mother" pure son took a green belt. The colorful ribbons on board the ship are the bonds of Sino-Japanese friendship, which bind our hearts tightly together. The giant wheel slowly left the dock ribbon Marlboro Lights, but the bond in our hearts will never break. Out of my memories, my eyes are wet. The thin letter in my hand suddenly became so heavy, and there was a sincere love between the lines. I will grow up soon, and the pure son will grow up soon. "China-Japan Friendship 21st Century" - this great project calls us
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