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Methodical recommendations on the organization

  • September 13, 2019
    Individual work of students is the main means of mastering the educational material at a time, free from compulsory academic disciplines and is regulated by the regulation on the organization of educational process in higher educational establishments.

    Individual work of students is a planned cognitive, organizational and methodically directed activity, which is carried out without direct assistance of the teacher, to achieve the result.

    Purpose of independent work of students is: development of creative abilities and activation of students’ mental activity; formation of students’ need for continuous self-replenishment of knowledge; development of moral and will efforts; individual work of students as a result of their moral and volitional efforts.

    Individual work of students teaches students to work independently with literature; is creatively comprehend educational material and make sense of it; has to form the skills of daily individual work in order to acquire and summarize knowledge, skills, and experience.

    The content of the individual work of students in a particular discipline is determined by the curriculum of the discipline and the work curriculum of the discipline.

    Individual work may include part of the theoretical material, less complex in the content; some practical work that does not require the direct guidance of the teacher.

    Individual work of students is ensured by the system of educational-methodical means provided for studying of a specific educational discipline: basic literature (textbook, lecturer's lecture notes, manuals, and manuals); additional literature (scientific, professional, monographic, periodical); methodical materials (methodical instructions for students’ individual work).

    Individual work on the assimilation of educational material in a particular discipline can be performed in the library, study rooms, computer classes (laboratories), as well as at home.

    While using sophisticated equipment or equipment, sophisticated systems of access to information, students are provided with opportunities to obtain the necessary advice or assistance from the teacher. Besides, when students gave to prepare written paper they use the help of internet websites, essayontime, for example. They just have to know more about Essayontime site.

    The system of educational and methodical means of ensuring the individual work of students. During self-study of educational material of great importance for the student is the educational-methodical package, the content of which provides: a curriculum in the discipline with a clear definition of the content and scope of classroom and extra-curricular educational work; lecture notes, reference notes.

    Basic tips for students to study a specific discipline (at writing) with requirements for the assessment of knowledge in this discipline are guidelines for the study of specific topics or acquisition practical skill; list of topics of course work (projects); a list of questions to be addressed at the seminars; a set of control tasks, questions, self-test tests; references; workbook (report) for individual work.

    In order to assist students in self-mastering the knowledge of the discipline, the teacher is recommended to prepare methodological recommendations, the main components of which may be: topic; plan; literature; list of knowledge and skills that students need to acquire after elaborating a topic; specific tasks of the student on each question submitted with methodical advice on their implementation; a checklist of self-test questions.


    Individual work is a very interesting part of students’ studying. Right organization will always bring good results.

  • Apr 6
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