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    March 17, 2019
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    Posted by audreytaylor in Finance on June
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    , 2013

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    When it comes to relationship advice, you have to be careful which you follow
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    Here are five easy steps that can help you reconcile with your girlfriend in
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    1. Take a look at your past mistakes, the ones that directly impacted your
    relationship as well as those that didn’t (or at least you don’t think they
    did). Pick a few of your personality traits that you feel you should work on and
    improve. Make a total commitment to investing time and effort into changing
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    2. Go out and be social. Don’t spend all your time isolated in your home. On
    the other side of the coin, don’t go out with other women. This is a mistake
    many men make, they want to make their ex jealous. The good news is that it
    usually works, your ex will probably be jealous. The bad news is that it won’t
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    3. Take a trip and or do something unique and different. Explore not only the
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    4. Take care of your physical appearance. This may mean joining a gym.
    Breakups are hard on you both emotionally and physically, it’s important that
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