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I would vouch for one to attempt OSRS

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    Nov 16
    I don't always know if this is the right response, your Normal mmo player Will be more comfortable with rs3 and it's gameplay mechanics, and this is coming from an exclusively osrs participant who was maxed pre eoc, the reality is that OSRS gold is a great game in a Great Deal of respects, and much closer to other mmos out there, sure it has mtx but it's absolutely not necessary to succeed, the quests are absolutely killer and the battle can be entertaining if you're into this kinda thing If you want the runescape you have always imagined in mind,

    Play osrs, it is a bit outdated but it's only getting better with a stupidly passionate dev team behind it listens to the community and let's them pick exactly what goes into the game, definitely go with osrs, it's a stupidly addictive clicking simulator that can trap you worse than the nastiest of drug habits If You Would like another mmo with one hell of a background that may be described as wow with mtx plus a runescape motif, proceed with rs3, the reality is they both have their places and audiences that love them, however osrs is definitely the winner between the two for most people,

    Thus why it conveys everywhere between 2-5x more players online at any given time Honestly in the event that you've never tried either, try them aside from the Buy Runescape gold entire world and the lore and the set of skills to train they have basically evolved into two completely different games, osrs in my opinion is just way way less generic and ridiculously over the top, and it's what most older players actually know, and also what they fell in love with to start with.

    I would vouch for one to attempt OSRS, in case you don't mind the grind, it has over 2x the playerbase and is not infested with MTX, unlike RS3.