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What You Need To Know About Rounding Top And Bottom

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    Nov 16
    The currency pair that you are looking at is at its all-time high.
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      These 2 chart patterns are extremely helpful in warning you of an
    upcoming reversal, allowing you to make money. They are the rounding
    bottom and rounding top chart patterns.

    Just prior to the rounding bottom, prices could be rising or falling.
    At the start of the rounding bottom, prices start to fall due to heavier
      After some time, optimism returns and the demand pushes
    prices up. This results in the right side of the rounding bottom
    forming.Prices are rising. Optimism is high and prices seem to lack
    gravity. All of a sudden, prices seem to lose momentum.

      Gradually, prices started to decline, forming the right side of the rounding top chart pattern. Pessimism has crept in.

      Before you know it, prices plunge below the resistance zone (in gray), never turning back.