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Real value of an MBA in China

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    Nov 16
    While you can get a new job and a higher salary out of most MBA
    programs, studying an MBA in China offers something that schools in the
    US and Europe can’t: Direct access to the world’s fastest-growing

    In China, students get access to a changing business environment, where
    schools focus chiefly on technology and entrepreneurship, and, with
    Chinese business society’s strong reliance on personal relationships,
    where building a network during your MBA really matters.To get more news
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    Doing an MBA in China is a way for professionals to get their feet in
    the door of Chinese firms. Antai, for example, is partnered with
    organizations like Ant Financial, the world-leading financial technology
    company, and the Bank of China.

    MBA students at the school get to network with senior executives and
    attend major events like the Antai Symphony summit, where business
    leaders discuss the latest developments in fintech and mobile payments.

    As the Chinese government invests abroad and Chinese companies like
    Alibaba and Huawei become global behemoths, knowledge of China has also
    become importance wherever you work. While Chinese business schools have
    traditionally struggled to attract international students, they are
    growing increasingly diverse.

    According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 41% of
    MBA programs in China saw growth in international applications in 2019,
    with a further 23% reporting stable international applications.

    Antai is the school with the most international MBA students in mainland
    China (43% of the MBA class), according to the FT. Chinese schools also
    have a strong representation of women on their MBA programs. 51% of MBA
    students at Antai are women and 35% of faculty are women.

    It’s one reason why international students like Anais Pothon, a Shanghai
    Jiao Tong University Antai MBA student from France (pictured), choose
    to study in China. After her MBA, she landed a job at IMA Asia in
    Shanghai, a company that brings together peer groups of CEOs and
    business leaders in Asia.

    “Studying an MBA [in Shanghai] gave me a China-based network and strong
    friendships, and I would never have my current job if it wasn’t for my
    MBA,” Anais says.