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Shanghai Finds A Local Covid Case After Months of No Infections

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    Nov 16
    Shanghai’s city government said on Monday it has found a single
    domestic case of Covid-19 after months of zero local infections.To get
    more news about shanghai coronavirus cases, you can visit shine news official website.

    The confirmed case, a 51-year-old man, works as a porter at Shanghai
    Pudong International Airport, Li Guohua, deputy minister of Pudong New
    District, said at a briefing on Monday. All 26 close contacts have been
    put under quarantine, among whom 23 have tested negative while the other
    three are awaiting their results, according to Li.

    While China has largely contained the virus, Shanghai has
    nevertheless reported a steady stream of cases imported from abroad as
    the virus has continued to spread around the world. The financial hub
    was among the first in China to resume international flights.

    Wu Jinglei, director of the local health commission, said at the
    briefing that the new infection isn’t related to the city’s ongoing
    international trade fair, a signature project of President Xi Jinping.
    The event, which began last week and runs until Tuesday, has seen
    numerous overseas travelers descend on the city.Virus controls at the
    trade fair are in order, Wu said. Meanwhile, the local health commission
    has raised the village in Pudong where the case was found to a mid-risk
    area, while the rest of Shanghai remains low-risk.

    And the new patient hasn’t been involved in handling frozen food,
    according to another health official at the briefing. Contaminated pork
    and seafood have been implicated in the infection of port workers
    elsewhere in China, prompting an order to disinfect all overseas
    shipments of cold-chain products to avoid any potential transmission of
    the virus.