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The current limit in buy PSO2 Meseta

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    Nov 15
    Interesting is your second Thesis such as in XQ Meseta Grinding, as explained in this video from Evildoer. The frequent rule here is to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta utilize as much"Meseta Boosts" as you can, including any Items with multiple effects such as"Tri-Boost" or"Webpanel" which comes equally with"150% Rare Drop Rate" &"150 percent Meseta Earned".

    In case my Thesis would be right, Evildoer′s Getting ought to decrease or even be lower as before when he uses to much RDR, as"Rare Drop Rate" would raise the quantity of"Grinder" and"Vita Weapons" along the droppool of this Quest. To be able to check this, I would need to run multiple occasions with RDR and without.

    Yes, we can remove the"250% Uncommon Drop Rate" from this Fullboost Run, but that would in best case increase the Meseta Earned per run by 10-20k Meseta.

    Everyone needs to question if its really worth to receive 50 weeks before Webpanel Boost or utilizing Tri-Boosts to get Meseta Farming, since you may use Excubes and Spheres for"Extreme Passes" and"50 percent Meseta Earned" Booster.

    Together with my existing research I will not be fully able to cover that, but it do not matter to much as 1700% Uncommon Drop Rate is the current limit in buy PSO2 Meseta this game. However, I do not want to exclude the Thesis because I personally never found a 1-9* Star Drop when conducting boosted Magatsu with Unusual Drop Rate and Tri-Boost, but that is a thing for the long run.

    I put a"Grinder" inbetween each Phase in my storage in order to seperate the drops from each other. The Endresult looks similar to this.

    No sarcasm in any way, I love bizarre mechanic interactions such as this to departure, and also the effort you have put into this is much more than most people can muster when actually playing the game.