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Many guilds able to wow classic gold

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    Nov 9
    Back in the day there were not many guilds able to wow classic gold realistically attempt 4H. Most who murdered them went on to clear within a couple weeks, however they were the bosses that motivated individuals to bother with planet fans. Surely everyone knew going in that they'd require some FrR preparation.

    4H is a coordination nightmare but will be a far shorter struggle to stumble through. Sapphiron will be actual rough early on until we've had time to deck out in frost withstand, and KT would fit in pretty well with modern fights.

    One pile of Greater Shadow Protection pots is 54G in my server at the moment. This is going to be hell to pay for following phase.It is possible to practice for kt's difficulty spike by allowing a few little cthun eyes fully channel each wave. If you do exactly the cthun mechanics well you will do good on kt tho.

    Once we fixed that we shot and like 2 taken Cthun. Visidus was 3 months due to the absorbs. The two guilds on my server seemed like gods when they finally downed him.So much build up and now it's almost over.Yeah, makes you wonder if anything of note has occurred between when the game started in 2019 and today on the planet.You think you would like the current wow devs creating new wow classic gold content, but you dont.

    Considering TBC is the point where the buy gold classic wow retail rot started (heroics, dailies, flying mounts, one designated town for all the high level players, arena being the only form of PvP that things, class homogenization), I'd rather take my chances with wow classic gold+ than TBC.