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That recommend OSRS simply say osrs

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    Nov 4
    You are able to do this lol, but I would highly recommend trying to do quests. Go to the quests tab and determine that which you can do and go from there. If you wind up playing long term, the quest"Plauge's ending" is a fantastic goal to OSRS gold have. It has mid level stat demands and unlocks a trendy new area.

    Or you may try performing the slayer skill and killing things and eventually killing managers. There is much to do, you may attempt to join a clan that's actually active and have more fun chatting with other people and playing with them if you like that.

    Hey just wanted to give an update I actually sticked to osrs and im having mad fun time. I started as iron man the start was a bit hard but after lots of wiki studying and planning it turned out pretty okay I'd say.

    Oh wow, you started as iron right off the bat! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. Playing ironman really makes you strategize a lot more than an non-ironman. I am glad you're having fun! It is a massive planet in Gelienor and you've got much to research. Great luck!

    Haha yeah it is all worthwhile when somebody says"he's an iron man he crafted all that mithril armor by himself". Some days there are just banter for hours somedays I mine non-stop all I can say is I was not expecting THIS much fun for su?re.

    It's actually funny that the people who urge Buy Runescape gold write a paragraph with the positive and negative of the game to let you decide and the folks that recommend OSRS simply say osrs. Apart from one guy. I haven't played either game. It's just an observation.