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Were not on the buy wow classic gold

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    Nov 2
    Im lvl 23 on my warrior now enjoying life with classic wow gold my wife and 17 kids while functioning 6 occupations. Can naxx come out a bit later ?

    Their hands are bound in regards to balance anyhow, since they've held the point of maintaining vanilla values throughout the raids so far.

    That's good, newer gamers will be able to prepare to know what's coming, but hardcore guilds won't have the ability to fine tune their approaches to gain significant advantage over others competing for first/fastest clears.When u think about it, it makes sense tho. AQ was essentially untouched since vanilla, whereas Naxx was redone for wotlk This was essentially patchwerk after the TBC prepatch. For a time he was unkillable since he oneshot tanks.

    BWL and AQ40 had several bugs on release. Examples included: that the transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 for Nefarian was long enough for you to fall out of combat for several seconds, C'Thun not casting the first Eye Beam for 10+ seconds after starting the encounter, frost wands not counting as frost strikes on Viscidus, etc..

    These bugs existed because they were not on the buy wow classic gold PTR before being published to live servers. This really is a middle ground compromise to weed out bugs before release without"spoiling" the actual encounter (because in accordance with this blue post everyone will get zone-wide buffs to boost their power inside Naxx). wow classic gold PTR did not even exist until after after Blackwing Lair was released.