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WoW Classic: The First Year in Retrospect

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    Oct 22
    World of Warcraft Classic was released on August 26, 2019, so at the
    end of last month, the game celebrated its one-year anniversary.
    Warcraft fans and Blizzard alike will be keen to look back on what
    worked during the game’s first year and what surprises, pleasant and
    otherwise, arose.To get more news about buy classic wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    With the Gates of Ahn’Qiraq now able to be opened, the game is
    roughly halfway through the content released for Vanilla, at least if
    they release subsequent patches at roughly the same speed as they were
    released the first time around. Here are some of the ways that WoW
    Classic exceeded expectations, but also some of the unexpected things
    that happened in Classic along the way.

    WoW Classic’s popularity exceeded expectations, even among huge Warcraft
    fans. Classic servers were swamped at launch, with many filling up
    completely as players raced back to Azeroth to relive their first
    experiences with WoW.

    This caused a lot of server problems early on. Not only were many
    Classic servers overpopulated, but this led to difficulties with the
    phasing mechanics that Blizzard had implemented to try and manage this
    in the game. For many players the world was either completely packed
    full, or, because they’d been phased to a different version to avoid
    overpopulation, strangely empty, especially at higher levels.Blizzard
    prioritized placing players in the same phases based on factors like
    whether or not they were in the same WoW guild, meaning that for a lot
    of players the Vanilla experience of bumping into the same random
    players over and over again and forming organic relationships while
    leveling on the server was somewhat undermined.

    Nevertheless, compared to WoW’s current cross-server PUG dungeon and
    raiding systems, Classic saw the development of far tighter server
    communities than the current version of the game, especially as Blizzard
    worked to iron out the phasing system as the game progressed. It also
    saw the size of the World of Warcraft subscriber base double by February
    2020. The original subscriber count peaked at the start of WoW:
    Cataclysm with around 12 million players, but has steadily declined
    since then, with Classic as the only major uptick excluding expansion
    launches in the otherwise downward trend.