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    Oct 22
    One of the most popular Air Jordan models ever, the Air Jordan 3 set a
    new standard in fashion and tech for Nike’s Michael Jordan-branded
    sneakers. Like the Air Jordan 2, the Air Jordan 3 was a mix of
    sophistication and style.To get more news about cheap air jordan shoes free shipping, you can visit nkspaces official website. nkspaces2010 !

    Once again, the sneaker didn’t feature a large Swoosh along the side.
    Instead, there was only the Nike Air logo on the back, along with three
    key new elements: the new Jumpman logo on the tongue, gray elephant
    hide-like print on the upper, and a visible Air unit in the heel. The
    shoe also came with the same hefty $100 price tag as the Air Jordan 2.
    This model would live up to the hype, and then some.

    At Nike in 1987, however, there was trouble in paradise. Peter Moore,
    designer of the first two Air Jordan silhouettes, and Nike marketing VP
    Rob Strasser both left the company within a week of each other and
    started their own brand Van Grack. This made things complicated for Nike
    and slowed down the Air Jordan 3 production timeline. On top of that,
    Jordan’s initial contract with the brand was coming up for renewal.

    Moore and Strasser were trying to woo Jordan away, telling him he
    could create his own empire with them instead of relying on Nike.Happily
    for Nike, a young designer by the name of Tinker Hatfield had recently
    entered the picture. The former University of Oregon pole vaulter and
    architecture major had already enjoyed a couple of early hits with the
    Swoosh, the Air Max 1 running shoe and the Air Trainer 1. Both featured
    revolutionary designs, their success helping Hatfield to land the Air
    Jordan 3 gig.

    “It was six months behind schedule by the time it was given to me,”
    recalled Hatfield in the documentary series Abstract: The Art of Design.
    “So it had to be another hurry up, no sleep for weeks and months,
    traveling back and forth to Asia with all the developers and getting a
    prototype in.”

    Hatfield genuinely wanted to hear what athletes had to say about the
    sneakers they were wearing, a trait he likely picked up from his former
    Oregon coach and Nike co-founder, Bill Bowerman. Hatfield spoke to
    Jordan about what the Chicago Bulls star was looking for in a shoe:
    something with a mid-cut height instead of the super-high shoes everyone
    else was wearing; something comfortable that broke right in with soft,
    supple leather; something with flash and sophistication.But the
    presentation itself wasn’t so straightforward. Hatfield and Nike
    president and co-founder Phil Knight flew to California to present the
    new shoe to the player and his family. Jordan, however, was four hours
    late for the meeting because he was out playing golf with Strasser and

    When he finally arrived, he appeared to be going through the motions.
    Had Jordan’s head been turned by the former Nike guys? Knight handed
    the meeting to Hatfield, who started asking the player if he remembered
    his demands from their earlier conversation. The star man started to
    soften as they spoke, and when Hatfield removed a shroud from the
    prototype model, Jordan loved it.

    It was exactly what he’d been looking for. The sleek style, the
    mid-cut height, the soft full-grain leather, the elephant print, and —
    most exciting of all — his own logo on the tongue. The Jumpman had been
    inspired by a famous 1984 image of Jordan leaping through the air for a
    dunk. Its positioning front and center told Jordan that he was at the
    forefront of the brand. He renewed his deal with Nike.

    Most sneakerheads recall Jordan first wearing the Air Jordan 3 during
    the 1988 NBA All-Star Game. However, he sporadically wore the “White
    Cement” model as early as November 1987 in several games.

    Jordan sported Air Jordan 3s at All-Star Weekend in Chicago on his
    way to a second straight Slam Dunk Contest win with his signature
    foul-line dunk. He also wore the “Black Cement” pair in the actual
    All-Star Game. In front of 18,403 fans, Jordan dazzled his home crowd
    with 40 points, eight rebounds, three assists, four steals, and four
    blocks, taking the MVP gong. It was the only time all season that Jordan
    wore the black colorway in a game.