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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is coming on October 27

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    Oct 16
    The upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion made an
    appearance during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live stream with some big
    news: It’ll be out on October 27.To get more news about WoW Classic items for sale, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

    Shadowlands sounds like a lovely place: Blizzard describes it as “a
    realm of infinite afterlives … where mortal souls go to reckon with
    their pasts, discover new purpose… or suffer an eternity of torment.”
    Sounds like a good time!

    The expansion will see some major shakeups to the world of Azeroth,
    including max level changes and an all new realm to adventure in, and
    the usual array of more loot, faction reputation to grind, and an all
    new feature where you buddy up with famous dead people from Warcraft’s
    past to gain new abilities and passive buffs.

    ortunately, WoW game designer Jeremy Feasel confirmed the zombie
    invasion portion of the event will only be active for a few hours
    throughout the day rather than all the time. I’m actually a little
    disappointed by that, honestly, because I think it’d be fun to see an
    all-out, 24/7 invasion that players have to try and contain—something
    akin to World of Warcraft’s infamous Corrupted Blood incident.

    The Scourge Invasion is just one part of Shadowlands’ pre-launch
    event. Players can also venture into the frigid wastes of Northrend to
    fight bosses and earn powerful loot, and there’s also a new story quest
    to try out.

    If you’re a WoW subscriber, you can check all of this out now by
    following these steps to access the public test server. Otherwise, you
    can wait until the event inevitably launches sometime in the coming
    months. But now that it’s on the PTR, it’ll likely be happening sooner
    rather than later.