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Then it is the Mut 21 coins same damn game

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    Oct 14
    Very disappointing.In case you don't play with MUT and you will HAVE to get some card packs to be really competitive then it is the Mut 21 coins same damn game. MUT has completely destroyed Madden because that is all EA cares about. What makes them cash. I have been an avid Madden participant since Sega Genesis. This year I'm truly disappointed.During the trial, I relocated and renamed the Washington Football Team.

    A clear nod to Christopher Columbus, the man who invaded and slaughtered the same Indians from the Washington Redskins older title. The animations that they added are fine and actually have ballcarriers fighting first downs or tds. The change of direction is nice and makes it more difficult for a user to practically cover the entire middle of the field unrealistically. Also having the ability to adjust the flat coverage in training adjustments is really helpful. Overall I have high expectations for the match and was suprised that the few changes they made actually improved gameplay much imo.

    Franchise mode tho is still lacking and doesnt feel anything like a real nfl broadcast. Hopefully with the backlash they will spend more in franchise next year.Better cartoon and game play is something to be expected in a video game franchise therefore I'm not going to commend EA for bare minimum work.

    Even tho is expected u can still praise the stuff they did well while still acknowledging that the game lacks a great deal of features a sports sim ought to possess. Why would I not give them credit for the Mmoexp Madden 21 coins good things they include and then meanwhile criticize everything else. Just seem like a hater...Since it's bare minimum and they get paid to take action. It is like me showing up for work and logging in to my computer a bit quicker than last year afterward simply sitting there the remainder of the day.