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I did not even take care of classic wow gold

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    Oct 12
    By whichpoint I did not even take care of classic wow gold my initial goal and just did all of the quests.It felt rewarding and you got these recipes, youdid not just pay generic quantity of gold or grinded rep. I do not know why BFA went from that to back to mostly generic pay Xamount of gold. Legion had a lot of detail put into every feature of the game, not just raids and dungeons but even gatheringcareers that were always an afterthought.

    I would even go as far as to say that I would not mind having the specific same growthwith just brand new zones and leggo grind eliminated.For me personally its not at all of the ebst expansion.

    I believe like Legion and BfA areclosely connected, since they present similar systems. Yet people say"LEGION BEST" however"rather gouge my eyes with a rustedspoon than play BfA"I found both expansions enjoyable. Dh (vengeance mainly) and WW where only specs I could all enjoy fromLegion.Suramar was definitely highlight of this expansion for me personally. The music, the ambient, the only quest chain thatwasn't a pain to do, but was rather pleasant and immersive. I really expect Shadowlands will have some thing similar.A growth sogood that it killed all the raiding guilds who had a substantial amount of raid loggers. AP was such a tumor on the game,especially in Nighthold, that it does not even need legiondaries to reevaluate all the great Legion did.IMO one of the worstexpansions and a huge downturn for WoW generally.

    It introduced nearly every single negative design philosophy in the sport atthis time. Time gating... borrowed electricity, clunky class design(more so due to the pruning of article legion class design AKAloss of artifact weapon). Mythic +... pvp climbing and pve scaling... pvp gearing... The list continues on and on Legion was thestart of everything that has been bad the previous two expansions.Legion is unquestionably a Wrath of the Lich King second interms of gold in wow classic design paradigm shift.RNG and uncapped grinds were a failure breeding a lot of bitterness. Borrowed power systems arehighly unstable.I miss that the artifact weapon. The ap mill was irritating sometimes but it defeats regular weapon grind RNG anyevening of the week.