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Coming from an OSRS gold participant

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    Oct 9
    Right now I'm pretty much back to where I had been on Runescape so therefore I am becoming pretty tired and prepared to quit aka take a 50 year long rest.

    Coming from an OSRS gold participant, they're pretty dumb about that lol. They adore thumbs down buttons like tom brady enjoys kissing boys on the lips. Not certain what's up all their asses.

    Have you ever noticed the remarks left outside here? "I want to punish Jagex""I'll call it the piece of shit game that it is (without actually having played the sport anyhow seeing MTX and EoC hurr durr)" It is disheartening seeing people this immature and myopic(

    I can't adequately express in words how valuable the lodestones are. It makes things easier and faster so you can move to doing the things you actually like. The graphics, the number, all it is so enjoyable. I have been having a blast chasing after Distractions and Diversions, meeting up with random players. And I haven't seen a single fucking bot.

    I'm still trying to find out the Evolution of Combat but right now I am still using the automatic system that only does all your unique moves for you, and also in low combat levels that functions just fine. From what people tell me you simply require the innovative manual set up for bosses. Which isn't so bad. Everybody is so friendly only trying to find more people to play and combine their groups. And I am little dissapointed that no one does Pest Control. But frankly those are my only two complaints.

    It is not the game you played with as a child. It's different. But in my view that has made it better. You know what no one mentions when referring to EoC? Every weapon is successful.

    I rolled HC ironman daily 1 and could never play the major game , it's just not rewarding in any way.

    The sport has so much material, tons of fun places, replayable distractions & diversions and minigames, along with the benefits keep me coming back. I play for 2-3 months per year and really advancement in that down time the areas I would like to improve, and unlock a great deal of content at the time.

    I've had a really similar experience also, once I realized that the battle in orsr was largely prayer flicking along some other similar complaints. Then I tried out Buy Runescape gold when I read a few discussions on how rs3 ironman adds to the adventure of this game, making the easier game tougher and forcing you to acquire every resource yourself that is fairly rewarding.