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I'm sure see the Mut 21 coins problems

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    Oct 8
    I'm sure see the Mut 21 coins problems you guys have with this game.I feel like gameplay has improved a gpod level but what steps forward they shot in gameplay is reversed how many steps back face of this franchise and franchise shot. Its literatly the same as last year just with new colours. Personally, I play mut a lot but just bc franchise gets so bpring so fast.Players on the outside gunner places on kick offs just run a straight line beyond the whole drama and do not attempt to obstruct anyone.

    They did not touch the blocking AI, it's fucking terrible.I simply enjoy coming to this sub to observe all the criticism this game well warrants. You get downvoted to oblivion and attacked if you attempt to criticize this game at the MUT sub. Even with their just focus being MUT, that match style still sucks. It used to be interesting back in'16 and'17 but now you're forced to spend money in order to get rewards.It is another $60 roster update. Looks and plays basically the same as the previous 3-4 games. Two reasons. 1. No competition due to that dreadful contract with the NFL, and 2. They concentrate only on MUT only because they earn $800,000,000 on micro-transactions. That's more than they make on the sale of the actual game.

    Frankly I feel as though MUT ought to be an entirely separate game or DLC.I've played madden because madden 2001 and I am just frustrated. I can not believe the PS2 games are 100 times greater than some of the matches we've obtained on PS4.I am the opposite really. I expected a copy paste, but it's far better than I expected. The total gameplay feels more eloquent, the lawn is fun, and also face of this franchise is a real career mode now. In general, it is not terrible. Probably the buy Madden 21 coins best madden because 16.

    I just can't support them anymore.Dude yea. . I didn't have high expectations but holy fuck. I am legally depressed playing it because defense is literally broken. Only way to play D right now is guy press purple zones and even that is eh.Sad thing is EA has the rights to simulation soccer games for several decades.