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You're attempting to Maple M Mesos prevent it

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    Mar 19
    You're attempting to Maple M Mesos prevent it, completing the story is the most easy way to reach level 50 and attain a gear score--and ultimately enable you to enter dungeons that are difficult. Will take you through the game up to level 50, and you'll need to prepare for grinding at the dungeons that are standard. You can do side quests and a little exploration quests also, but those take a lot more time.

    The dungeons that are ordinary are mostly going to drop things that are blue and finishing the dungeon guarantees you a weapon as well as a bit of armor. You'll also be getting fragments that may be utilized to craft jewels and accessories. Each dungeon that is ordinary will have fragment drops as well.

    Hard dungeons offer you epic gear each and every run but a lot of them are going to be character-bound items, meaning you can't move the items you've collected to your other characters in the game! This can make trying to get rich by selling gear the feat. When compared with dungeons, you are likely to start getting considerably better equipment pieces that you're going to replace the gear you have been using from the standard dungeons with.

    After attaining a Gear Score of 2100, you're pretty much place to party up with your friends and proceed through harder dungeons. The most-recommended thing in order to buy Maplestory M Mesos enhance your Gear Score to do is to get an Epic weapon.