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VPN services blocked in Sri Lanka as information

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    December 26, 2019
    Internet providers in Sri Lanka are in the vanguard of blocking access
    to digital security tools that allow users to work around censorship,
    according to new NetBlocks network measurement data.unblock websites

    On Sunday, Sri Lanka restricted access to social media platforms
    following a series of deadly attacks on churches and hotels. The new VPN
    restrictions appear to target users who have been circumventing
    censorship measures, which the government says are in place to prevent
    the spread of disinformation. Critics caution that the filtering
    measures are an impediment to independent media coverage and free
    expression as Sri Lanka comes to terms with the attacks.

    Sri Lanka joins a handful of states that implement similar controls on
    VPN services and internet protocols that tunnel network traffic from
    point to point:

    Virtual private networks enhance privacy and also allow users to work
    around internet restrictions. VPN usage is common in among journalists
    and in ICT, consulting and financial sectors, where they are often
    required for security reasons.

    Data shows that one of the most prominent commercial VPN providers was
    blocked at 4 AM UTC Monday morning, 9:30 AM local time one day after the
    attacks and initial response:

    United Arab Emirates-owned provider Etisalat, implicated last week in
    the blocking of opposition political websites during Egypt’s
    constitutional referendum, is blocking several VPN providers in Sri
    Lanka using two distinct DNS poisoning techniques. In this case,
    Etisalat subsidiary Tigo’s servers were found to be impersonating the
    blocked companies’ authoritative DNS servers:The new NetBlocks findings,
    collected with assistance from volunteers across Sri Lanka, help build a
    timeline of Sri Lanka’s expanding censorship measures through recent

    Technical evidence corroborates user reports of difficulty downloading,
    installing and connecting to various VPN services, widely used by Sri
    Lankans as a means to access blocked social media sites and messaging
    apps following Sunday’s attacks, further indicating that they have been
    implemented on a separate schedule to the social blocks. The
    restrictions come amid criticism of the government’s handling as
    citizens come to terms with the situation.

    Sri Lanka previously blocked social media in March 2018 for a period of
    eight days, restricting access to a similar set of digital platforms and
    incurring an estimated $30m cost to the country’s GDP.When comes to the
    issue of online privacy and security, we suggest to use a VPN, and our
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